mai 15, 2015

What is your story? The importance of storytelling in marketing

What is your story? The importance of storytelling in marketing

When you meet someone for the first time, he/she will ask you your name and then, what you do or where you come from. People are interested in your past story.

When you buy a product or a service, you will be interested by its use for you. Therefore, brands have to show you the interest to use it with past examples or stories.

Those two examples demonstrate the importance for marketers to create a link with consumers.

1) Create emotion to ensure a strong impression

By creating this link, companies will catch the consumer’s attention.

Since consumers have a old kids’ spirit who love stories, one of the good way is to use the most important human feeling: Emotion. To ensure this emotion, brands need to act like parents with their own children, by telling a story: their story.

Brands are well advised to use the emotional power of stories to be close to their target.

2) Emotion against human reason

One of the most important points with emotion is its importance on the human feelings’ scale which is higher than reason.

Look at a basic example: When you are scared of something, at first you will react due to your emotion. And then, you will have another attitude based on reason.

When you tell a story based on emotion, you play with people sensitiveness. To understand that, don’t forget that everyone is sensitive to something. Some people are sensitive to involvement. Some are sensitive to social causes. Some will be sensitive to money or luxury products, etc…

Emotion’s power is such important that advertisements based on it are the most expensive. This is why all luxury brands use it in their communication plans.

3) Storytelling, a basic and affordable marketing tool

It is interesting to see how our world tries to come back to authenticity.

Since several years, people want more authenticity in their relations but also with the products they consume. Behind it, they want more humanism. They want to be directly connected to the companies’ actors.

Therefore, storytelling is a great opportunity for company to be directly connected to consumers.

Storytelling’s purpose is to get the consumer in the intimacy of the brand. By telling its story, the brand will build step by step its own identity.

Each company has its own story.
According to the SMEs’ profile, it is possible to capitalize on their age, on the project’s genesis or on the personality and the unusual career of the founder.

With social networks, start-ups have an easy way to tell their story. The key is to stay authentic and to have the ability to tell a good story 😉

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