Carré d’As is a general insurance agency based in Nantes, France.

It is composed of 4 partners and 10 employees.

The agency wanted to distinguish its communication of its principal supplier, Axa Insurance.


Create a new brand in the insurance field : We imagined an original brand’s name linked to insurance. We choosed to mix two words: « Carré », which means a square in French, and « As », the diminutive of « Assureurs », the French word meaning « insurers ». These two combined words constitute a French expression « Carré d’As » which means « Four Aces« ,

– Design of a logo for this new brand which reminds a camera’s shooter. We want to say that the agency is focused on its customers and knows targetting their expectations,

– Creation of a website (,

– Creation of various pages on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Vimeo),

– Business brochures design & prints,

– Creation of a database and design of the weekly newsletters.