Are you ready to Fleye?

How to find an original name for a photography agency gathering artists from all around the world? Art photography often leads to escape and raise of the vision.

As the bird which flies, the aim is to see things from another angle, with another eye.
This idea led us to imagine something with the word « fly ». Rhyme with the word « eye » was from there easy to find. We decided to combine those two words.

We assist you in building your brand or your company’s name, by proposing you to :

– Know your image by establishing a full brand diagnosis

– Define what you want to be and what you will be

– Know what values ​​you want to promote

– Design the logo of your brand /product.

– Create the supports of the chosen identity




What is your story? All brands have a story. Influence helps you to write your story to create people’s interest for your brand and/or products.

We have a recognized expertise in storytelling and we made some great achievements for various brands (Kolibree, Carré d’As, Trait d’Union,…)


Our dedicated team design your booklets, flyers, business cards and other professional documents you might need.

We have the most powerful tools on the market to assist you.

We also design backdrops for you event.



Movies are a wonderful channel for emotions and awareness. Whether fiction or information, video is distracting and offer an attractive answer to the audiences.

Cameramen, cinematographers, sound engineers, motion designers, model makers, graphic designers, composers, editors, colorists, actors The audiovisual skills are infinite, as the inspiration that drives it.